starting: Tuesday, July 16th
ending: Tuesday, July 23rd

Let Love Grow!

A whole week of appreciation and celebration of the story Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf show creator and head writer, wants to tell us: an Alpha werewolf with legitimate trust issues and a High School teacher with emotional instability getting to know each other!

Quite some people already show their love for Dennifer on a daily basis, but we have an idea that there’s more love out there among the Teen Wolf fans. While the reluctance to “out yourself” as a fan of Derek and Jennifer is understandable, it is not necessary… Because you are not alone!

We’re here for you with a whole week of Dennifer love and support!

You don’t ship Derek and Jennifer (yet)? That’s okay! We can wait! (Scott’s got the words, man!) And meanwhile we want to give you an opportunity to see what this canon relationship enfolding could be like and give you guys a chance to find other shippers and enjoyers of Dennifer!

All Dennifer works are welcome, as far as they’re supportive of either a romantic or friendly relationship between Derek and Jennifer.

First things first: Make sure to tag your posts with

#letlovegrow and/or #delightfuldennifer

IMPORTANT: Tag in the first FIVE tags!

Now, you don’t know where to start? Let’s give you guys a guideline which you are free to follow:

What we will do is the following:

And lets remember guys to have fun and respect one another.

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